At Car and Custom Garage we specialise in the in-house manufacturing of braided brake hose’s to any OE specification or custom¬†applications.¬†

We expertly assemble each hose using non rusting stainless steel fittings, crimped directly to high performance stainless steel braided hose which is then protected with a wipe clean PVC cover available in a variety of colours.

  • Braided Brake Hose’s for Direct OE Replacement
  • Custom One off Braided Brake Hose’s
  • Motorsport Braided Brake Hose Setups
  • ABS removal – Hydraulic handbrake – Pedal box – Bias Valve
  • A Large Variety of Hose Colour Options available
  • Classic Car Braided Brake Hose’s
  • Hel Hose Authorised Manufacturer – Stockist
  • Teflon PTFE Inner Hose / Stainless Steel Outer Braid / Protective PVC Cover
  • Certification – FMVSS 106, TUV, DEKRA, DOT, ADR, NHTSA and SAE

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