We sell Genuine Subaru parts, Genuine or performance parts are available to collect from our workshop in Bristol or can be ordered over the phone and sent via post or parcel same day if ordered before 1pm. We can supply Genuine parts for UK spec or Import cars including sourcing parts not available in the UK, from an oil filter to a complete engine we can help with your requirements keeping your Subaru on the road.

For any enquiries please contact us via phone or email

Genuine Subaru Impreza parts always in Stock:

  • Genuine Subaru Oil Filters
  • Genuine¬†Subaru Exhaust Gaskets
  • Genuine Subaru Inlet Gaskets
  • Genuine Subaru or OE Spec Cambelt Kits
  • Genuine Subaru Thermostat’s
  • Genuine Subaru Water pump’s
  • Genuine Subaru Cam Cover Gasket Sets
  • Genuine Subaru Oil Seals
  • Genuine Subaru Oil Pumps
  • Genuine Subaru Bolt Kits

 If its not in stock and not special order then it will be in next day!

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