Prodrive Impreza Group N

An original Prodrive Group N rally car that featured at the 1999 Autosport sport show as the first MY ’99 Group N model under goes a mechanical restoration at Car and Custom Garage. With a background in rallying and experience with X works Prodrive group N & group A cars the car 99.001 was brought to us for an inspection and major mechanical overhaul including a brand new semi closed deck block short motor, cylinder head overhaul, new VF34 turbo, replacement gearbox, quick steering rack, followed by an Alcatek ecu and a remap. Along with a long list of other work, genuine Subaru parts & Sti group n parts the car is now in a stunning condition for light track and show use. Due to the Prodrive heritage and the cars extremely good condition the car is now retired from serious competition use but I’m told from the owner she may appear at the odd sprint from time to time. Its good to see the Impreza now becoming a classic and restoring X works or road cars is something we enjoy as much as building them for competition use.

Please contact us for enquiries for Impreza restoration or genuine Subaru parts to help you with your own projects  


subaru-cylinder-head-overhaul-prodrive-sti-wrx subaru-cambelt-kit-water-pump- subaru-sti-group-n-engine subaru-group-n-impreza subaru-prodrive-group-n-impreza prodrive-impreza-group-n-1999 prodrive-impreza-group-n subaru-impreza-group-n-prodrive