Subaru Gearbox Rebuild

We have specialist tooling for rebuilding Subaru gearboxes and differentials, we offer various options and pride ourselves on our engineering expertise with innovative solutions when specific parts are no longer available. We can rebuild Subaru gearboxes for road or competition use. 


Our Subaru gearbox options include:

  • Subaru 5 and 6 speed ‘Syncro’ or ‘dog’ box rebuild
  • Subaru 5 and 6 speed gear bearing replacement
  • Limited-slip diff upgrades including torque biasing or mechanical plated
  • Plated diff setup and plate replacement
  • Diff rebuild including full shimming & backlash setup
  • Centre diff replacement and Dccd diff rebuild kits
  • Uprated drop gears
  • Performance gear sets straight cut or helical
  • Performance clutches and flywheels
  • Genuine Subaru clutch kits for OE replacement
  • Dual mass flywheel and Dual mass replacement kits
  • Performance gear oil and L.S.D oil in stock
  • Casing restoration with re-plating of metal brackets, bolts & nuts